Friday, February 13, 2015

Naturalico Speed Jump Rope Review

I am a fairly lazy person. I wish I wasn't, but I will admit that I always think I will be more active, and then I decide I would rather bake cookies or something. Exercise needs to be fun if I'm going to do it. My husband and I actually enjoyed our Zumba DVD from FabFitFun, because it was entertaining. We are terrible at it, but that was part of the enjoyment. 

When I saw this product for review, I knew it was the kind of exercise product I needed. Jumping rope is fun. It's something you do as a kid, not boring old exercise. So I figured it would be perfect for me.

The jump rope itself is incredibly sturdy and it's adjustable to the person using it. This is nice because both my husband and I can use it. It's also designed to increase your rotations and give you a real workout. 

I admit that jumping rope as an out of shape adult is nowhere near as fun as it was when I was seven. However, it also motivates me to get in shape, and that's an effective fitness product as far as I'm concerned. I didn't last very long with the jump rope, but overall, it's a great product and maybe by summer I can get myself to use it more consistently!

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