Thursday, February 12, 2015

Bonjour Jolie Mystery Box Review

Bonjour Jolie is a subscription box service for that time of the month. However, since I'm limited in what products I can use (that actually work), I haven't tried them yet, although I hear wonderful things. So when they were had a special Mystery Box sale, I decided to try it out.

There were so many things in this box! I liked it so much that I went back to their site and discovered they have a box without feminine hygiene products, so I am going to try that for a bit!

Inside the box was a vitamin C face mask, a hand lotion from Bath and Body Works (as well as several sample lotion packs), and a handmade soap. My husband laughed at how excited I got about the soap, but I really love soap. It is Strawberries and Cream and the bar is GIANT!

There were also several samples and some lip balm from Bonjour Jolie. I kept one and will include the other lip balm in the giveaway probably. I can never have enough lip balm, but I liked this one a lot and someone else should get to enjoy it, too!

There was also a lotion bar from HelpingHandsHandmade, who made the soap, a small bottle of Purel, and mascara.

Finally, the first half of the box (non-food items) concluded with a pretty fleur-de-lys bracelet.

The box also came with a selection of food items, including a full Caramello bar! I love Cadbury, so I'm very excited to see this (especially with Hershey no longer selling Cadbury here). There were more tea bags than I could ever use (I'm not a tea drinker generally), but the selection was amazing. I am going to pass these on to my mom and sister, both of whom love tea! These items were all contained in a makeup bag, which was a nice touch.

There was also a stack of Dum-Dums (yum!) and a selection of candies. This was a really nice package overall and I love that it was a little bit of everything. Plus the packaging was nice and I felt like there was a lot of care in putting the box together. I'm excited to see what a normal subscription is like with Bonjour Jolie!

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