Monday, February 9, 2015

British Boxes Review: January 2015 (Male)

I was very excited about British Boxes getting started and I ordered both a Male and Female box immediately. Although I was disappointed in my Female box, I completely understand that this is a brand new box. I also understand that British Boxes isn't a big company and is hoping to grow. While I would be reluctant to pay what I did for the Female box without some changes again, I found the Male box to be more aligned with my expectations. I was also an early subscriber and in the little bit of time between the Female and Male box, there was definitely improvement.

My box, very nicely wrapped again, was destroyed this time as well. Since I've seen this from several boxes, I don't think it has anything to do with British Boxes. I guess it's what you deal with when ordering from overseas, or really anywhere. Sadly, though, it did damage the items inside this time.

Several of the items were repeats from my Female Box, including the Fish 'n' Chips snack, cheese pack, tea bags, and tea light candles. The tea and snack make total sense, although the tea lights probably don't belong in a box geared towards men. Yes, it's a bit sexist, but I just can't see too many guys getting excited about tea lights. However, the snack and cheese were quickly devoured by my husband, so no complaints there! There was also a small jar of jam, which will definitely be used.

This time, the tea came with a really cute travel mug, which sadly was completely cracked in transit. I love the pattern - it feels old-fashioned, but I won't be able to use the mug. I could possibly pull the design out and add it to a different tumbler, though. I think this was a nice touch, including the tea within the mug, and it is a big change from the bags just loose like in the Female box.  

My favorite part of this box was something that really spoke to the idea of a British box, I think, and I love that it was Liverpool-focused, rather than more London items. When people think of the UK, they always think London. While I love London, I really enjoy all the areas I've visited and I would love to see the entire country represented. This is the kind of item I was hoping for in my female box - magnets of Liverpool (specifically Beatles-oriented locations). Although I'm not a huge Beatles fan (I don't dislike them, but I wouldn't say I'm anything more than neutral about them), I love seeing a little bit of the UK - especially a city that doesn't usually get included in British gifts - in this box. These went on the fridge and were a big hit!

If the boxes are heading in this direction, I think this will be a great subscription and I'm looking forward to seeing British Boxes succeed.

Update March 6: Now that I've had time to process and given the nature of companies such as French Box, I feel that I cannot list British Boxes on our current list with confidence. This box was not the best quality although it was new but there's been no communication or activity on their social media since sending the first month. I feel disheartened at what appears to be a poorly devised plan at best, and a quick scam to make some holiday cash at worst.

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