Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Nibblr Box Review: February 11

This week's Nibblr Box was mainly repeats of previous snacks, but fortunately, they were good ones. I wish there was a way to balance trying new things with those you've liked in the past, but it seems like there isn't without not rating your snacks.

There is also a special contest happening now with Presidential trivia, although I am way too lazy to take part. I included the card picture, though!

This week, we got Key Lime Bliss, which is amazing and one of my favorites, and Copacabanana Rama, a nice mix of dried fruit. We also saw Stuck on Flax again. Although we liked it the first time around, we've decided we don't want to get this one anymore. It's just too bland.

Finally, for the new snack, we received Red, White, and Boom, a mix of dried cranberries and strawberries with shortbread cookies.

I say this a lot, but Nibblr is just too good of deal to pass up. You definitely want to at least try it out once! The snacks are always fresh and always tasty. If you end up with something you don't like, you just rate it as such and you'll never see it again.

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