Friday, February 27, 2015

UrthBox Review: February 2015

I signed up for UrthBox when I found a deal online because I wanted to try it but it was a bit pricey. However, they certainly load up these boxes! Unfortunately, I debated vegan or not, because I'm not vegan and I don't mind cheese or dairy. When I asked, I was told it was really rare to get anything like jerky or meat. Of course, I ended up getting five sticks, so that kind of sucked. It's gluten-free, though, so I will send it to my sister. Maybe she likes jerky.

I didn't get everything in the pictures, because it was honestly too much! However, I have several of the items here.

There were two big bags of trail mix, which is always a huge hit in our house! We both love it and it's the perfect snack. Now we each get a bag!

We still have a big bag of Hemp Hearts and now two matching smaller ones. Has anyone tried these? Are they good? What do you eat them with?

The coffee-flavored nuts are a definite hit! Plus they are really as basic as that, with no weird unpronounceable ingredients. (I don't think unpronounceable is a word.)

I thought the Inka Corn was basically Corn Pops on the go, without bonus chemicals, but it's much saltier. I am not sure how I feel about it. However, I was excited to see Laika crackers again, since I enjoyed the ones I got from Something Snacks.

I'm very excited to try the vegan nut balls. They sound great and they're healthy! I'm not all that thrilled about seaweed, although people love it so maybe it will surprise me. One thing I love is that all these snacks are perfect for grabbing on the go and they help you avoid vending machines and junk food.

As you can see, the box really just keeps going and going! We ended up putting it all back in the box since it's so full we don't have room in the cabinet to take it all out. This will more than last a month, that's for sure!

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  1. Wow the yummies that youve got right there must bring out the creative genius in you! i think i will grab something yummy to rn!