Saturday, February 7, 2015

Game of Thrones (Telltale Games) Episode 2 Review

I love Telltale Games. As far as I'm concerned, they haven't made a bad game since The Walking Dead and I even loved the Law and Order game. So of course I will enjoy their take on Game of Thrones, a combination of one of my favorite developers and one of my favorite shows.

Game of Thrones follows the Forrester family, a minor family in the grand scheme of Westeros. Without giving much away, the first episode was INSANE. Given the characters you were dealing with, I guess it shouldn't have been surprising in the end, but it still was. So I've been anxiously waiting for Episode 2.

I have an Xbox, though, so since my season pass in on that system, I had to wait an extra day. I spent it replaying Episode 1.

Then, as soon as I could, I downloaded Episode 2. Of course, now I'm done and I have to wait who knows how long for Episode 3. I think Telltale Games enjoys making us suffer!

Without detailing the events of the game thus far, I will say that this brings us back into Westeros and Essos, with the Forrester family spread out in different areas. We spend a large part of the game in Ironrath, but there are also big chunks of time in King's Landing and at the Wall. 

I love that the game brings in the characters we already know from the show and books. In Episode 1, we saw Cersei and Margery, as well as Ramsey Snow. In this episode, Jon Snow makes an appearance and we get more time with Tyrion (he's in Episode 1 briefly as well). Since we're all waiting for April impatiently, this helps fill the void. 

Within the first chapter, we are given a big surprise, which doesn't have the same wow factor as Episode 1 but still impacts the game a great deal. We are also left at the end of this episode in the middle of some very difficult circumstances. 

In many ways, this felt more expositionary (is that a word?) than the first episode, but it's clear Telltale is not going to make anything easy. Of course, they never really do, do they? I love getting to explore the world of Game of Thrones this way. My only real complaint is that the episodes do feel a bit short. They're about two hours each, which is good, but the problem is that you have to wait months to play for two hours. I'd like to see the time between the episodes shorten or the episodes grow longer to make it a little more of an experience. Still if you aren't playing Telltale Games, why not?

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