Thursday, February 12, 2015

Salsa Crazy Habanero Salsa Review

I admit I'm not a big salsa fan, sticking mainly to cheese when I get nachos, but my husband loves salsa. So I was happy to review Salsa Crazy's Habanero Salsa, especially since my husband also likes spicy foods.

Salsa Crazy is a company best known for their dance videos, but they've moved into the food distribution field as well!

This was a big jar so I was hoping my husband would like it! We used up all our tortilla chips after the SuperBowl and meant to pick up more, but he was happy to try the salsa on regular ripple chips.

He says the salsa was spicy and sweet. He wouldn't call it overly spicy and, in fact, would have expected it to be hotter. However, he also likes super hot food, so it's hard to tell if normal people would find it the same way. ;)

The salsa wasn't chunky, but had chunks of real food, like corn. Most of it, though, was smooth. Because he used his regular chips, he said this would be better suited for scoopable chips due to the consistency.

The flavor was excellent and he's going to try it as a topping for a veggie burger or even to dip his fries into next. The underlying mix of sugar and spice makes this a versatile condiment.

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