Friday, February 20, 2015

Bonjour Jolie Review: February 2015

I had heard such great things about Bonjour Jolie, and then I tried their Mystery Box. I thought the quality of their items, speed of shipment, and packing were all top notch, so I decided to try the subscription. As I've noted with time of the month subscriptions, I need to use specific products and I find that most companies don't offer them since they're harder to find. Bonjour Jolie, though, offers a pamper box, which is a time of the month box without tampons or pads (so it's cheaper than the full subscription). 

This box is beautiful! Everything was in its own little bags and the items are all high quality. There is a gorgeous bracelet, as well as Advil (you get a choice to include Advil or not) and cleaning wipes. For edible treats, there was a honey lollipop, a few little candies (Hershey's Kisses and Sweet Hearts this month), Tazo tea bags, and a Moonpie. I can't eat Moonpies, sadly, because of the gelatin in them and I mourned that for a bit. But all the other snacks are tasty.

For the pampering pack, there was a lotion bar and lip balm along with the Advil and wipes. There was also a heart-shaped container of RoseBuds soap petals that are going in my mom's giant box of bath products.

The pampering box is only $15 a month, and clearly is worth that. The bracelet alone is more than that and I love how pretty everything looks inside the box.

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