Tuesday, February 10, 2015

iArrow iPhone 6 Tempered Glass Review

I'm really bad about upgrading my phone consistently and I admit I love my iPhone 4. But lately it had been freezing up a lot and it's been a few years, so I went to Verizon Wireless to see if I had an upgrade on my account. I did (a few actually!), and it made sense to get the newest product, which is the iPhone 6 Plus. This thing is huge! It's also, due to its size, a lot more likely to be damaged, because you can't casually stick it in the same places as the little iPhone4. So when I saw an opportunity to review the iArrow Tempered Glass, I was excited. I'm definitely the kind of person who damages my phone! :)

Fortunately, the actual glass for my phone was inside the case, since UPS was not very careful with it! It was also in a padded bubble wrapper, so the item itself was secure even if the exterior wasn't.

The kit comes with everything you need to try the glass, and it's backed by a double guarantee. If you don't like it, not only will they refund your money, but they will also send you another one in the event something was wrong with the one you received. You really can't go wrong with that. I admit it's a bit pricey at $11, but this isn't just a thin sheet like many protectors are.

The protector itself is sticky on one side and fits onto your phone perfectly. Once on, you can literally knock on your phone and you're just hitting the protector. What's nice, though, is that it's thick enough to protect your phone without being intrusive, so you can still use the phone as if it's not even there.

I also really like that the protector came off fairly easily when I realized I'd accidentally trapped a speck of dust against my screen and it was driving me nuts. It peeled off, and then stuck right back on again. I don't know how many times you can take it on and off without it losing its effectiveness, but I do like that it's not a one-shot deal.

Overall, I think this a great product because it's more secure than something like a wispy film you usually end up with when shopping for an item like this. Given the size of the new phones, it's also more of a necessity!

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