Saturday, February 21, 2015

Collectible Geek Review: February IWIA Collection

I've been not so patiently waiting for my Collectible Geek IWIA box to arrive this month, having ordered it on New Year's Day! All I have heard is how awesome they are and I subscribe to lots of geek subscription boxes so I wanted to see what the hype was about. Here's the answer: IT IS SO WELL-DESERVED. I actually moved blog posts around to make room to write this immediately. I received this yesterday and it's incredible.

Collectible Geek just posted some news last night, as well as announced that April's collection is Assemble (clearly an Avengers theme). March's collection (Totally 80's) has been sold out for a while. I am so glad I got the IWIA subscription as soon as it was available, and I am ready to find out what I need to do to upgrade to a year. I am that confident that this is well worth it. They set a very high standard for everyone else, though! (In addition, they are going to start donating proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project, making them even more amazing.)

The Collector's Cache theme this month was fantasy, which covered Harry Potter, Dungeons and Dragons, and Lord of the Rings. The IWIA included a focused Game of Thrones pack, too.

There was a special collectible poster, featuring Tyrion, Gandalf, and Harry Potter engaged in quite the tabletop game! Love this and it will be a perfect addition, with a frame, to my husband's "Man's Land," which is really just Geek Land at this point. I spend more time in there than he does, and the cats spent even more there! It's still a major work in progress so perhaps this summer, when we get it all together, I can share.

We received two Harry Potter patches - Slytherin and Gryffindor. Personally, I consider myself a Ravenclaw (though every quiz says I'm Hufflepuff), but you can't disappoint me with Harry Potter! There were also some Dungeons and Dragons mini figures.

Speaking of Harry Potter, look at this necklace! I was so excited for this. I always say my life would be better with a time turner, and here it is. I am a bit obsessive about Harry Potter, having loved the books from the beginning and having so many memories of midnight book and movie releases. Sometimes I am still sad that there's no more to come.

Representing The Lord of the Rings was a Funko POP! Tauriel figure. Granted, she's only in the movie of The Hobbit (although maybe she's featured in The Silmarillion? I admit I'm behind on my Tolkien to some degree.). I love that the POPS! come in collectible protective packages, too, because Collectible Geek definitely lives up to its name in that way. They understand the value of keeping your collection unsullied and that's a major plus in our book!

My husband said he is going to swap out his wedding band for the One Ring. It came on a chain, but he's thinking it's probably fine to be married to Sauron. The Ring is awesome. It came in a well packaged box and it has the engraving on both the inside and outside. Seriously, this is, by itself, worth the price of admission!

Keeping with the jewelry theme as we move into Game of Thrones is a Stark sigil. This is perfect because we had a Stark glass, which I put in the dishwasher, so we now have a glass. :( It didn't say it couldn't be washed. But this will do!

The mini Game of Thrones figure came in this great little box, which is, in itself, fun. We got a White Walker (he bears a strange resemblance to Legolas, I think!). I really love these figures. They're cute but not crappy and cheap. Sure, they're all made in China, I'm sure, but these are real collectibles.

For our two Funko POP! Game of Thrones figures, we got Baelish and Sansa. What's funny is that my husband commented when I was opening the mini that we would probably get Baelish, but I already knew he was in the box in full size. I don't think you can go wrong with any POP! and we already have Arya, so I'm happy regardless. Besides, at least it's not Joffrey or Theon!

If you're a geek subscription box fan, I cannot stress enough how awesome this is. I think Collectible Geek is going to explode in popularity over the next few months and they already have enough trouble getting their boxes to stay in stock for long. Get on board now, because it's SO worth it!! I get nothing for recommending them and I pay for my subscription, but I will sign up for a year as soon as my three months are up because it's that incredible. Even better is you can email them to skip a theme you don't like with no trouble. You don't get much better than that - and they are really responsive and engaged with customers. GO!!! :)

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