Saturday, February 7, 2015

Imaginative U Review (from Crafty and Son): February 2015

What is Imaginative University? It is a monthly subscription box that sends you all the supplies needed to complete projects for 4-10-year-olds. The projects are arts, crafts, science, engineering, and so much more!

This giant box of fun arrived on my doorstep and my three-year-old wanted to open it right away and make something! We held off for a day or two and then, on Monday when the other kids were at school, we decided to dive in. The kit I received included activities for all ages since my children range from 3 to 9.

Upon opening the box I noticed how well organized everything was. The bags have color-coded stickers on them, along with the age range and project for which they are designated. All of the activity packets are also age- and color-coded. This makes it easy to match the packet of supplies with the activity, as well as choose the right activity for each kid!

The kits come with just about everything you need to complete each project, and the items that aren't included are underlined so that you know what you need.

My son was really excited to try the activity for kids aged 4-6. I won't lie; I was little nervous that he wouldn't get the point of the activity or understand it since he isn't quite four yet.

The activity was linked to the book, Snowy Day, which was included in the box. After reading the book, we got to make our own snow, in the house, which was very exciting for my son!

The activity itself was to discuss the tracks that Peter made in the book and have the child do the same to help relate the story to real life in a way. Not only was the snow a HUGE hit with my son, but for days now, he has also been telling everyone how he made tracks in the snow like Peter. Since making the snow and the adorable snowman (snowman kit included!), we have purchased the ingredients on our own because "making snow" is becoming a daily activity in our house! The good news is that it only takes two ingredients and they can be found at the dollar store, so I will happily supply that for him.

I can't wait to try out the rest of the projects in this box with the older kids, as well as more with the little guy. This is an awesome program for parents wanting to have fun with their kids while they learn, or even for homeschooling parents to enhance lessons in their curriculum.

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