Saturday, February 21, 2015

Dr. Cool's Insect Excavation Kit Review by Crafty and Kids

We were asked to review Dr. Cool's Insect Excavation Kit, and it was a perfect product since I have two boys who love to dig and who also love bugs!

In the past, the kids have done many different types of "digs" made by various companies. These include fossil and gem digs, but we had yet to try a bug dig. One thing all of these different products have in common, I've noticed, is that the plaster you dig for items in generally falls apart and crumbles simply by touching it. While this makes it so that the kids don't have to work too hard to get to the items, it really is also frustrating because it goes by too quickly and there is no real challenge. Dr. Cool's Insect Excavation Kit is very different, though.

Upon opening the package, the first thing we noticed was that the dig brick was not only in the shape of a bug but also that it was going to take some work. I was okay with this since it was my eight-year-old who was most excited about this dig. He is also the one who would have been the most disappointed if the dig brick had crumbled when he touched it. This might not seem like a big deal to many people but I have big-time texture issues. I honestly can't stand the way sidewalk chalk feels when I touch it and that is similar to the texture of most dig kit plasters, but not this one. The brick was also painted a smooth green color.

Included in the box were the dig brick, excavating tool, brush for dusting away plaster, and a magnifying glass. Also included were an information booklet and an activity booklet. This was a big highlight for me since I am always trying to "sneak" learning into things. The kids don't even realize it is learning when it comes in the form of something "cool."

After digging out his three real bugs, which were thankfully enclosed in clear stone-like covering, my eight-year-old went on to read about the bugs he had just dug out of the brick. This made me laugh because this is also the child who thinks reading is "the most boring thing ever!" He told me all about the three bugs he'd dug out and what he'd learned. Score for Dr. Cool! My kid took an active interest in learning, and he had fun doing it. I have not seen anything similar to this in any of the "dig kits" we have purchased from other companies.

For me, this product was a win all around. My son felt special because it was something for him. In addition, he was learning effortlessly, and when he was done, he had something he could tease his sister with. "I am going to put the scorpion in your bed," he told her. At least it isn't alive, I guess, and it is enclosed in a clear stone.

I did receive a 10% off coupon to try one of the other Dr. Cool dig kits. Honestly had I not, I still would purchase them because the quality of this product outmatches so many others on the market today.

I urge you to check out their website and the various products they offer. There are so many choose from and honestly these would even be a wonderful addition to a home school science curriculum. On our list to try are some of the Mini Gem Dig Kits, the Shark Tooth Dig Kit, and the Rock Science Geode Kit.

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