Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Hip Humanitarian Review: February 2015 (Minimalist)

The Hip Humanitarian is a subscription box that combines ethical products with materialism and lifestyle products. The theme of February's box was love, although it was focused more on loving yourself than on typical Valentine's Day love. 

Up front, I would like to admit that I had believed there was an issue due to a system problem. I'd emailed multiple times to no response. I tried social media, too, and there was nothing, so I was getting really angry. Hayley and Ashley, though, both checked, and it appears they DID reply - and Gmail ate it, as it's literally nowhere on Earth. They've sent me screenshots, so clearly this is not on them. 

I appreciate not only them replying promptly, even if I didn't receive it, and also being good about following through and not getting frustrated with me when I wasn't receiving the messages. There are so many subscription boxes who don't have it together that it almost becomes a coin toss. Although you will see that I didn't love this box as it wasn't my personal preference, I need to applaud them for their customer service - and I admit my own crankiness was unwarranted. 

Personally, I was pretty disappointed in this box, because most of its value was in a bracelet I wouldn't wear. However, the product are from ethical companies and you basically run this risk with subscription boxes. I'm not sure if the bracelet is leather or not, although I think it is, so I can't wear it. I will pass it on, but then my box ends up not having a lot of value.

The other items were two Great Bean chocolate bars and a pack of Aloha daily good greens, one each in chocolate and vanilla. Although I will try these, I wasn't excited by anything in this box. However, it's one month and I don't expect that all months will be this way. Especially given their customer service, I am hoping that they are not, because I like the company more than the boxes and would like to continue.

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