Friday, February 13, 2015

Eco Emi Beauty Box Review: February 2015

I have such an Eco Emi addiction that I'm not 100% sure which box this is actually, but given that there were several full size items, I think it's the Beauty Box for this month! It is either the Beauty Box or Variety Box for February, but the Beauty Box ships first usually and also the variety box tends to include a food item and samples, so I'm going with that!

There were five products in this box, two of which came from the same company. There was a lip balm and lip scrub from Dancin' Goat, both of which are awesome! There was also a pretty mint green nail polish, a chocolate soap (yes, two of my favorite things in one!!!), and a full bottle of hair volumizer. Although I'm never that excited about beauty products, I like that I can rely on Eco Emi to send me things I will use that are cruelty-free and natural. I am always happy to get these boxes from them!

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