Thursday, February 5, 2015

Wantable Accessories Review: January 2015

Let's be up front here: I am not a fashion diva. I don't care at all about fashion and beauty and accessories. I would much rather spend my money on video games and action figures than jewelry. My favorite outfit is my zombie slippers complete with loose eyeballs, fleece pajama pants, and a giant T-shirt that could easily pass as a nightshirt. When I have to be presentable, I'm all about comfort and simplicity. I don't think I've ever owned a pair of heels (although I love shoes - just ones that keep my feet on the ground).

So I wanted to try Wantable, and I considered Intimates. However, I spend too much money on socks and pjs and don't have much room left for anymore. Besides, Crafty wanted to try them, so I thought I would try something else. I actually do really like jewelry, but again, I'm really not interested in most of what's trendy or what I see in magazines - it's just not my style and feels like too much work. I say this because I admit I went into this process wary. I filled out my form, but I just didn't think I anyone could find four items I would like. I've seen so many unboxings and I don't like any of the items I have seen. Because Wantable is supposedly customized, though, and you can return your items if you hate them, I figured it was worth experimenting at least.

The box came and I said to my husband, "My stylist was Joey. Let's see how this goes." Well, once I went through the box, I was a convert and my husband commented, "Looks like Joey knows his or her stuff." I agree. Joey has me pegged, so hats off to Wantable. These are easily items I would pick out if I was in a store.

My first item was a really cozy orange and taupe scarf. I wish I wore scarves more, because I really love them. Wantable picked an awesome scarf and they've motivated me to integrate scarves into my wardrobe more. It's certainly not on them, since I selected that I like scarves in my profile and I do. I just seem to collect them more than wear them! :)

The second item was a thin silver bracelet. It looks like a ring in the photo, because I was trying to get the twist in the image. This may be a little too delicate for me, but I like it. I would say it's my least favorite item, but it was also the lowest cost item and it's not terrible by any means. It would probably be nice for a special occasion. 

The last two items were necklaces. I honestly signed up for this box because I love necklaces; it's the one piece of jewelry I always seem to buy. I'm very particular about necklaces, though. I only like really long necklaces and I like simple ones with usually one charm or big chunky bit at the bottom. But I have many necklaces. So I was excited to see what I received to decide if Wantable could pick the right ones for me.

The first necklace is beautiful. It's long and at the bottom is a blue stone surrounded by light green beads. I love how simple it is, while still having a bit of personality. I also like that this would work both with jeans or with something dressy. This is perfectly me!

My absolute favorite item, though, didn't photograph well, but I was so excited for this. I held it up and exclaimed, "I love this. This is perfect." It's a really long necklace with a silver tassel at the end. It's so pretty and classic. I like jewelry that adds something to your outfit without being in your face about it being there. This is the kind of necklace that I would wear all the time!!

 So I'm with Crafty in that Wantable is a definite win! I already went through my survey for February and cannot wait for my next collection.

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