Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Orange Glad Review: February 2015

I really need to learn patience. Orange Glad offered us a box for review, but I saw a coupon code and ended up starting my own subscription so I received two of this box. No problem, though, as my husband and I had absolutely no difficulty enjoying these treats!

Admittedly, I was a bit wary of trying Orange Glad. I had seen unboxings and I just didn't think the price was worth it, since you were only getting samples of each dessert. I felt like the value might not be there, and if the treats were great, you only got a small taste. However, after trying the first box, I will say that I am a convert. My goodness, this box is amazing!

Inside this box was a box wrapped with items inside, as well as a jar of mint fudge. There's a lot of fudge here and it's very rich. This was probably my least favorite item, because I think it's too minty. I love peppermint flavoring, but this had that sort of toothpaste flavor. I mean, it's fudge, so it's good, but I think I would have liked fudge by itself or a lot less mint.

The inside box was full of treats. It was a very cookie-oriented box, but honestly, does anyone mind cookies? :) And these cookies were seriously amazing. There was also a small box of truffles, one sea salt caramel and one raspberry. I took a bite of the caramel and actually exclaimed aloud about how good it was. They had sprinkled the salt on the outside of the truffle and it was just perfect!

One thing I really liked about Orange Glad was that the info card gave you suggested "eat by" dates. I can't imagine that anything would last the three-six weeks that some items have allotted, but I liked that we could plan what to try first.

The butter cream covered cookie was labeled as "enjoy immediately," and so we did. Wow, this was an awesome cookie! So much flavor and so fresh!

The other cookies were flaky butter cookies and chocolate covered sugar cookies. This Orange Glad box didn't even last the whole weekend, although I suppose technically it could have. I am very happy with this and I'm glad I signed up as a subscriber already!

You can also order full packages of almost all the items in the sample box through the Orange Glad marketplace. I love that, because some of these would make great holiday party treats, too.

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