Wednesday, February 11, 2015

POPSUGAR Must Have Review: February 2015

The POPSUGAR Must Have box is always a really good value, because for $40, you are guaranteed to get at least twice that and usually much more. It's also unlikely you won't get at least a few things you really like. I will admit that their customer service is sorely lacking, but the box has been good enough to compensate thus far.

Each month, you receive a series of items, generally at least one for beauty, wellness/fitness, home, food, and fashion. The items are always top quality as well. They also do a good job securing the items and packing the box so everything is presented nicely and safe from being tossed around a delivery truck.

There wasn't a fitness item in this month's box, although there was a beautiful glass bottle of rose water bubble bath. I'm not a big bath kind of person (I take the fastest showers for a girl, really), but my mother absolutely loves bath products and I know she'll enjoy this. I will tack this on as wellness, because a warm bath is nice after exercising! ;)

For beauty products, there were three items: a blush from Tarte, a nail polish and coupon from Sally Beauty, and a pomegranate lip balm from Figs & Rouge. I am passing the nail polish along to Crafty and her daughter, but I will definitely use the blush and lip balm. As I've said many times, there's never enough lip balm!

The food item was a Rocky Road chocolate bar - and I was so excited that it included vegan marshmallows! It is very hard to find chewy candies and marshmallows without gelatin. This was unbelievably tasty, too!

I wasn't a big fan of the fashion item, which was a necklace. It's pretty, I admit, but I like long necklaces. This is also too delicate for my taste. I tend to prefer a necklace with a chunky charm that's more versatile. We have already filled up our giveaway box, so I will put this aside for another one maybe in the late spring or summer.

The home item, however, was awesome. I have to admit that I cheated and looked at reviews before I received my box, so I knew it was coming. It's a heart-shaped wooden cutting board with a cheese knife. We only have one cutting board, which is sometimes actually a challenge when we're prepping a lot of items, because only one of us can work at a time. This will be super useful!

I am happy with my POPSUGAR Must Have box. I tend to find the boxes are always 50/50 for me, with half the stuff great for me personally and the other half not my style but easily giftable. As I said, everything in these boxes is top quality so even when it's not for me, it's something of definite value. I wish they would bring their customer service around to be even decent (seriously it's downright terrible), because then this would move into a favorite. As it is, I still recommend it, but with the caveat that you should be prepared for frustration if you need to reach out for any reason.

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