Friday, February 13, 2015

Green Kid Crafts Review: Creativity Art Box

I recently received a coupon code to try out one of the craft boxes from Green Kid Crafts. I browsed their website to pick the perfect craft box for my son and me. Since one of the reason I am blogging and working with Boxy is that I needed to refocus my energy and that I am working to focus on my family and those who matter in my life, this company filled a need I had.

Green Kid Crafts is an eco-friendly green company run by a woman, and I am all for helping out companies run by women. Even more, I love a company that is eco-friendly. Started by a mom who is also an environmental scientist, Green Kid Crafts was a way for her to spend time with her kids without the extra work of getting the supplies and planning the projects. That certainly is one of my goals! I would love to spend more time with the kids, but the added time spent shopping and planning takes away from the time I actually have with them. 

After looking over the site for a VERY long time (it was hard to choose!), I settled on the Creativity Art Box. I figured this was perfect because it included supplies for us to get started and we could use our imaginations to create something really cool!

When the box arrived, my three-year-old knew it was for him. The green box apparently screamed "I AM FOR YOU, LITTLE ONE!" (Okay not really but he knew it was for him.) 

The day it arrived I was super busy getting things done so we opened it, checked out what was inside, and then I planned to set it aside for a day when we could work on a project. 

After he saw what was in the box, though, my son repeatedly asked if he could "play with my box you got me." I tried to fend him off but it only lasted about three hours before I finally gave in and let him at it.

Inside the box was a world map, which made him very very happy. It is actually pretty cute and includes images that relate to the different countries. Also included were two pieces of felt, shape stickers, wooden beads, an assorted mix of other beads, pom poms (which he LOVES), wooden colorful squares, a kit with two paper mache ornaments in it, glue, pipe cleaners, an extra fuzzy pipe cleaner, scissors, and Angoo masking tape.

Every day since he has opened the box, he has requested it come down off the shelf so that he could play. He has made me so many things and is just so happy about each of them. He and his brother made a bird out of paper and the Angoo tape this past weekend. They also have something up their sleeves for Valentine's Day but won't share yet. (I think it involves beads.)

This morning, he painted the ornaments, which he loved. I also loved that, although they were supposed to be a heart and a candy cane, he called the candy cane a "J" all morning long.

He really has enjoyed this box and I have as well. It helps limit my trips to the craft store, gives him something to look forward to doing, and is all eco-friendly!

I am seriously considering signing him up for the subscription kits that Green Kid Crafts has to offer. The kits come with everything planned out and ready to go, and they seem like they might be a great way to continue his love of arts and crafts. He is certainly my "creator" kid.

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