Monday, February 2, 2015

Forbidden Island Board Game Review

Forbidden Island was another game we received from Awesome Pack, and this game was SO much fun! I love the way it's designed, because at first we felt like maybe it would be better with more people, but all of the pros of having a full team of six are matched with equal cons. This is also a really unique game in that it's collaborative, not competitive. I know that's not completely unheard of, but unless you're a big gamer, you probably don't see much of this in your normal gaming routine.

So basically your game board is the island and you are tasked with finding all the treasures located on the island. However, the island is sinking and if it sinks before you can escape with all the treasures, you lose! You work as a team from 1-6 players to get all the treasures and it's on you to decide the best strategy for doing that.

Each player has a quick turn, which consists of actions that can range from moving on the board, shoring up flooded areas, picking up a treasure, or giving cards to other players. You then pull treasure cards, as well as flood more of the island as part of your team.

You start with so many tiles flooded based on the difficulty you choose. We started at novice, but we already decided it would be a lot of fun to start higher up next time. We had a lot of fun playing this and the game moves fast. It took maybe 20 minutes and we are happy to say that we escaped with all four treasures! This will definitely be a game we play frequently and we'll bring it to game nights to play with friends.

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