Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Estilo Cards Review: January 2015

When I was younger, I used to love writing and receiving letters. I had pen pals all over the world, which was such a nerdy thing to do, but there was something special about getting mail. During high school, I moved a couple times and I kept in touch with my old friends via letters, because it was before email. (I'm really not that old. The Internet just kind of took over the world really quickly.)

These days, I don't have much use for cards and letters, because people have Facebook and email and texting and basically every other form of communication. Why wait for the mail, right? Well, if there was ever a reason, Estilo might be it.

Estilo Cards is a subscription service that sends you three cards a month, with envelopes and stamps, all designed by local artists (they're from Austin, TX). The cards can range in purpose from just conversational cards to birthday or holiday or special event cards. Whatever their occasion, they are all gorgeous - and I am planning to sign up soon because they're just too pretty to pass up. Maybe we can all bring letter writing back after all!

The cards are beautifully wrapped and tied with a ribbon, and there's a note from Estilo in an envelope on the top. Inside the top envelope are sticker seals for your cards, as well as stamps to mail them. I can't even tell you how much I love that they include the stamps. You have the cards, the envelopes, the seals, and the stamps - what excuse can you possibly have not to send someone a card? (And admit it, we all use Facebook and social media and email, but there is still something so exciting about receiving a handwritten card or note!)

Because I received this pack for review, I am not sure if the handwritten note I received is always included or not. The good news for everyone reading this, though, is that the note came with a code for 20% off your first order. Head over to Estilo and use code LITTLEMISS20. 

The only negative I can think of with this subscription is that the cards are so pretty! I don't want to open them and somehow ruin them with my nonsensical letter writing!

I received a watercolor birthday card, a note card, and a wooden card that would be great for an anniversary or Valentine's Day. I absolutely love all three of these, and I definitely want to use them.

These are amazing and I will be signing up for my own subscription. Use the code above to save on yours, too, and we can all start communicating more thoughtfully!

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