Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Nibblr Box Review: February 3

I am always so excited on Nibblr and Graze days, because the boxes are consistently good. We are starting to see repeats in our boxes with Nibblr, which is a little disappointing since there are plenty we haven't tried, but at the same time, I like that we are getting things we have liked.

Two of these snacks we have had before and one is a mix that includes one snacks we've tried, but the good news is that all of them are awesome!

Ale House Blend was in our Nibblr box about a month ago, and we liked it okay then so it's not surprising we saw it again. It was the least exciting, both flavor-wise and also as a repeat, though. The mix is pretzels, peanuts, and corn nuts.

We received Sesa-Me and You in that same box before, but I like these more and didn't mind having them repeated again so soon. These are honey-coated almonds dipped in sesame seeds and they're perfectly sweet, without being too much.

Bruschetta was new, but included Asiago and cheddar crisps, which we saw recently. However, these were awesome and we were very happy to see them again! Combined now with sundried tomato crackers and garlic herb cashews, this snack is amazing!

Probably my favorite of the box, though, was something totally new. Harvest Blend is a mix of pumpkin seeds, pecans, and pumpkin spice cookies. Nibblr, as always, did a great job mixing up sweet and savory. I really look forward to these boxes, because they're just the right size to try a few snacks without overdoing it, and the variety is incredible. I highly recommend both Nibblr and Graze for snack samplers.

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