Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Hatchery Review: March? April? 2015

The reason I'm not sure which month this box is for is because I signed up for one of those online deals for three months with Hatchery, but it auto-renewed. After two months, I canceled so it wouldn't auto-renew because I didn't want to be worrying about while moving. However, in doing so to avoid being charged, the system also canceled my last box.

I recently realized I hadn't received that third box and contacted Hatchery. They not only replied in an hour, but also had a box in the mail that day. Talk about awesome customer service! I'm actually a fan of this box and think it would make an awesome gift, but the last thing I need right now is to worry about another address change.

Each month, with the Tasting Box, you are sent five small samples of cooking items or food ingredients from artisans around the US. There's always a great variety and Hatchery provides suggested recipes as well.

My first item was a bottle of Michigan Apple Pie shrubs. I've never really used these, but it sounds interesting and I don't mind trying it out. Now that summer's on the way, maybe I can make something yummy and sit out on the porch!

I have to check the ingredients for the egg seasoning pack, although usually these are free of meat. However, you never know so before I use it, I will check. Also knowing what's in it will help me decide how best to use it.

I'm not sure why the apricot jam insists on being upside down, but either way, I will use this for sure. I love jams and jellies and it's one of the things that most interested me about the Tasting Box. This is the kind of item I'm always looking for - an artisan jam or spread. I'm lucky that we live close enough to Maine that Stonewall Kitchen is literally everywhere, but new brands are always welcome, too!

I'm very excited about the sweet and tangy mustard and the first thing I'm doing when we settle and unpack this will be to buy pretzels for dipping. Yum!

Finally there was a jar of salted caramel and recently, thanks mainly to Treatsie, I have discovered I am quite the fan. I cannot wait to use this - maybe for a sundae!

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