Monday, February 16, 2015

South Beach Diet Good to Go Bars Product Review

I was sent a box of South Beach Diet® Good to Go bars to review as part of a promotional campaign. This is a new product aligned with the South Beach Diet®, but you don't have to be on the diet to enjoy them.

For anyone unfamiliar with the South Beach Diet®, it's really about a lifestyle. They claim to be "devoted to eating healthy and living life to the fullest," so the introduction of new products to help you do that makes sense.

All of the NEW South Beach Diet® Good to Go Bars are high in fiber with extra protein, contain eight grams of sugar or less, and have no artificial flavors or sweeteners. I was impressed at the fact that they're actually tasty, since usually diet bars taste like it. These won't replace my junky granola bars, but they're definitely tasty and would be easy to integrate into a healthier lifestyle.

The four bars I was sent included a Double Peanut Butter Extra Protein bar, a Cinnamon Oat Soft Baked bar, an Extra Fiber Chocolate Bar, and a Gluten-Free Dark Chocolate Raspberry Bar.

I think my least favorite was the Cinnamon Oat Soft Baked Bar, but mainly because this wasn't so much a bar as a cookie. It had the least flavor, which is probably because it wasn't chocolate or peanut butter! However, it wasn't bad by any means and if you gave it to me out of the packaging, I would have no idea it was a diet product. To top it off, the bar includes 10 grams of protein!

All Extra Fiber bars come with nine grams of fiber, and I expected the Chocolate to taste really bland. I've tried many chocolate health bars, and the majority of them taste like dirt. This actually tastes like chocolate and it's crunchy, too. It's not as good as a candy bar, but it's definitely closer than most products in this area.

I don't care much about gluten one way or another (I'm a vegetarian and I love seitan, which is pure gluten, so clearly it's not a concern), but I'm also not opposed to gluten-free products if they taste good. This Chocolate Raspberry Bar was quite tasty and this will be another product I'll recommend to my sister, who has a severe allergy to gluten.

Finally, there was the Peanut Butter bar, which has extra protein (ten grams). This was so good! I would easily substitute this product for other peanut butter bars, because it tastes the same or better and it's loaded with protein.

These were definitely worth trying and I'll be looking for them in the store, especially those peanut butter ones!

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