Saturday, April 4, 2015

1Up Box Review: March 2015

Clearly, geek subscription boxes are a favorite around here! 1Up Box is the cheapest of the bunch and lots of people really love it. For the price, it's definitely better than Loot Crate, although I still feel like I would prefer to pay more for something like My Geeky Goodies. This one is under $20, but honestly, for me, it kind of feels like it. With that said, these things add up and if you wanted a smaller box that consistently has good themes and a few cute items, this is probably the way to go. If you're a hardcore nerd and want a bit more, though, you may find yourself disappointed (again, you at least get a shirt with 1Up Box; I haven't seen any consistency from some of the bigger boxes). 

This month's theme was Villains and there was a poster of corrupted Link. This is a nice poster, although a bit small. It would be really nice if we had offices, but it can likely go somewhere in our nerd room instead. 

Also included was an awesome decal of the V of Spades - Vader of Spades, that is!

The Harley Quinn POP mini is cute. I really enjoy collecting the POP figures, and I love the minis when a full size isn't included.

There was also a Spoo-Key cover and whoopee cushion. That makes THREE whoopee cushions this month. I have to say that between my husband and me, we've been alive for well over 30 years each - and we have lasted this long without ever trying a whoopee cushion or feeling like we were missing out. Three? In a month? I think it's clear that many of these boxes are operating on a family-oriented model, which just isn't for us.

The shirt was pretty cool but it was also, like last month's shirt, a very thin fabric. Since they're based in California, the people at 1Up Box likely don't know that thin fabrics like this get only a month or two of wear up here in the Arctic (okay, New England, but it often feels otherwise). I do like the variety of the shirts (including that 1Up Box offers something other than the hefty cotton shirts you get everywhere else) and the styles, but they just end up being less useful for us personally because it's simply too cold to wear paper thin clothing most of the year up here.

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