Saturday, April 11, 2015

Honest Company Essentials Pack: April 2015

I think it's clear that we are big fans of The Honest Company here. Now that I've been getting the Essentials Pack for a while, I am able to order the concentrate refills for many of the items, rather than new bottles, which is nice as well!

I picked the concentrates for the bathroom cleaner, floor cleaner, and multi-surface cleaner this time around. I don't really need them yet, but I like having them on hand and they're small enough that you can store them easily. I had to get the full bottle of the stain remover, though, because it's my first time getting it.

The dish soap probably came at a bad time, since they just upgraded to a new formula, but I needed it and will use it so I can try the new version next month! I also ordered another hand soap. This is a new scent, too, because I would like to try them all eventually. I go through so much hand soap it's ridiculous so I am happy Honest provides it and has a few scents.

This may not be the most exciting subscription box to receive, but it's definitely useful. And I love that the packaging is compact. Everything fit snugly in the box with minimal waste, as opposed to the giant box Amazon sent for a fork. :/

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