Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Klover Box Review: April 2015

Klover Box is a subscription box of lifestyle products that are organic, natural, and ethical. I enjoy that, because I love finding cruelty-free items. It's very similar to Eco Emi, except the products are bigger (it's also more expensive, so there's the trade-off). This is my last box for a bit. 

Because there was an issue with the product from Urban Organics last month, one of the items this month was an additional product from UO. This was a brush cleaner, which is a nice, unique product. Also included was a coffee scrub. I like coffee and being clean, so I'll definitely be trying this!!

We received a foaming hand soap, something always used in the house although we generally get it from Honest Co. It's in lavender, which is my least favorite scent, but it's soap and I will use it. I tend to hate floral anything, though.

The soy candle is citrus and it smells amazing. I can't wait to use it once we settle into the new house. There was also a lotion bar, which I noticed is flower-shaped in other reviews. I didn't open anything because I basically have been moving things right into new boxes for packing at this point.

The last item was a pack of honey oats and I ate these so I didn't have to pack them! ;) Of course, they were tasty and I like that Klover Box uses the same model as Eco Emi - beauty, household, and food. It gets boring to only get makeup and personal care products (at least for me) and I like getting the extras like this.


  1. I would love to add this box to my ever-growing list! I'm still thinking about it.

    Are you going on hiatus from this box for a while bc of your move, having a lot of stuff, the cost, and it's nice but just not your favorite?

    1. You know, I really love it, but it's a combination of factors. Moving, being overwhelmed by bathroom and beauty products, and the fact that it's about twice as much as Eco Emi. I am really trying to filter out what I need and what I am just buying because I like it, but don't use.

    2. I guess to be even clearer, it's gotten to a point where I'm not excited anymore about a lot of what's coming in the mail, and with moving, I need to cut back anyway. So when I decide what to go back to, it's going to be only those that I wait to see arrive and I'm not there with very many. If I'm not super excited about the box, why buy it, you know?