Sunday, April 26, 2015

Live Infinitely Infusion Water Bottle Review

Getting my family to drink water is getting easier. I recently reviewed an infusion water bottle that had them begging for water. This past week, I was sent the Live Infinitely Water Bottle to review as well. 

This infusion water bottle is a little different from the first one I reviewed, but still a great product. Live Infinitely's water bottle actually has the infuser in the bottom of the bottle instead of hanging down from the top. I had concerns about this, because it means you have to unscrew the bottom to take the infuser out. I wasn't sure if the seal on the bottom would be tight enough that my water wouldn't leak. Fortunately, the seal is solid, keeping the water in with no leaking at all. The infuser is also a little bit narrower than the first one I reviewed; however; I was still able to get my fruit in it with no issue.

Adding natural flavors to our water has really increased our intake of water. I know it is important to drink water every day and Boxy even pointed it out to me recently. My daughter originally claimed the first bottle I received since it was a light purple color, but upon seeing this one, she has changed her mind. Purple is her favorite color. Days after receiving this in the mail, she has now made this one her own. I think I need to make sure that, when I order more, I get specific colors for each of us.

This water bottle also came with a cute little black drawstring backpack. I love bags of all kinds so it was nice that there was a little bag included. This is perfect for someone who goes to the gym. Just fill your bottle, toss it in the bag with anything else you may need, and you are out the door.

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