Sunday, April 5, 2015

Crafty Reviews 3600 Piece Glow-in-the-Dark Loom Bands

It is no surprise to anyone who knows me or follows this blog that I love to use my loom to create all kinds of interesting things. I was so pleased with the first set of loom bands I received from Rubber Band Bracelet that reviewing their glow-in-the-dark bands just made sense. These were provided for me to review.

Since Easter is coming up, I thought I would create an Easter themed project to test these bands out. My husband is a big fan of Peeps, even months after Easter when they're stale, so I thought I would make him a cute little glow-in-the-dark bunny Peep. As he gave up candy for Lent, this would have to be the next best thing.

I chose the orange bands for his bunny; he tells everyone orange is his favorite color, although I am not so sure it is. While I really liked that the first package of loom bands I received from Rubber Band Bracelet were brightly colored, these were the perfect shades for Easter projects. 

I picked the tutorial by Feelinspiffy to make the project. Ellen's tutorials are always easy for me to follow although this particular tutorial took me longer than I would like to admit to complete. 

One of the problems I ran into while creating this Peep was the never ending nagging from the kids! "Mommy, I'm hungry. Can I have a snack?" The three-year-old in my house is sure to add at least 10 minutes to any project! 

After taking care of the needs of my son, the next problem I ran into was having to sort the bands that I could use from the ones I couldn't. In my last review of Rubber Band Bracelet's bands, I mentioned the quality along with the cut of the bands. The orange package that I opened for my project was full of bands that were stuck together. Some were too thin, others too fat, or some just oddly shaped. The other packs I received seemed to be fine, so maybe these slipped by quality assurance somehow?

The last reason for the delay was that my hand-eye coordination yesterday just wasn't there. Every time I went to increase a row or decrease a row, I managed to drop bands or miss ones that were supposed to be moved over with others. When this happened, I would have to start over; fortunately, I wasn't very far into the project the two times I did have to start over.

I finally finished the Peep after about 60 minutes!

I wanted to give people an idea of the quality of these bands, especially since I'd found a few stuck together. I made two Peeps bunnies - one with Rubber Band Bracelet loom bands (the all orange one). The other Peep was made with Rainbow Loom bands. After making both and looking them over completely, the orange one is my favorite. It was easier to manipulate while making it and also at the end when shaping it.

I am a big fan of Rubber Band Bracelet's loom bands, although I would suggest they take a closer look at the bands before packaging them up and sending them out. I lucked out because I received these for review, but someone who paid for these band may be very disappointed that a number of the bands were unusable. It also isn't a good representation of their quality, as evidenced from my very positive experiences otherwise.

Creating with loom bands is something I really enjoy; it relaxes me, reduces stress, and produces something fun. I know a lot of people think these are for kids, but they can be used just like yarn for so many crochet projects as well!

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