Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hip Humanitarian Review: April 2015

This month's Hip Humanitarian box was the Beauty Box and it included several items. While I'm still not sold on the value of this box, I liked two of the items a great deal. I do like that each box is focused on a theme and that it's more of a lifestyle box than others. I also like the companies they source from (although I have had trouble getting much info on a few of them, including one from this month). Overall, I believe this is a subscription heading in the right direction and they're at least fair in not claiming they can offer the subscription for less than it costs them to operate it. 

I was sent a set of three Argan oils from Kesh Beauty, but this is one I can't find info on anywhere. Specifically I wanted to know if they test on animals and they don't address it on their site. In my experience, by not mentioning that you are cruelty-free, it's usually a sign that you are not. That may not be the case and Hip Humanitarian is focused on ethical sourcing, but since we all have different standards for ethics, I won't use these items without knowing.

There were also two packs of dry shampoo, which I will store with my travel stuff. Although I haven't traveled lately, this is exactly the kind of item I would love to have on hand when I do again. I can't even explain how many airport bathrooms I have used to brush my teeth, rinse my hair, etc. in my lifetime!! The dry shampoo saves that gross feeling of not washing your hair without making you bend over a dirty Heathrow sink and try to run water through it. (Not that I've done that or anything.)

I love the chocolate mint lip balm, because lip balm, mint, and chocolate are a winning combination.

Finally, the Illume hand cream and perfume set smells amazing. I could smell it before I even opened the box. It's mango coconut and I can't wait to move, settle in, and wear this over the summer. It just smells like summer!!

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