Sunday, April 19, 2015

Graze Box Review: April 19

I feel like this is turning into a food blog lately, since most of the reviews are of cooking products or snack subscription boxes. I think it's mostly because of timing - the geeky stuff comes at the end of the month and food at the beginning. In addition, since we've cut back on subscriptions, the food is one of the only consistent deliveries we still have, since it doesn't need to be packed!!

This was probably the Graze Box I liked the least overall in my subscription with them, but it's still a good box. When they can make a bad box that is still good, it's a sign of the quality of the subscription. 

Obviously, we like cashews here so the Sour Cream and Onion Cashews were a hit. The Strawberry Shortcake, which is a mix of pistachios, strawberries, vanilla cookies, and yogurt drops, wasn't as fruity or sweet as I would have liked. It wasn't bad or anything, but I would have liked more strawberry and less shortcake, I guess!

I think I'm just not in the mood for dried fruit right now, because the Tropical Sundae, a blend of pineapple, banana, and mango, is great. I just wasn't excited about it because I'm a little bored of dried fruit, especially banana.

I really did not like the Raw Bars. I should have, in theory, since I love sunflower seeds and pumpkins seeds aren't bad, but I only got through one bite before giving up.

The Super Berries were good - a nice blend of blueberries, raisins, goji berries, and cranberries. I always love berries. :) I wasn't thrilled about the Natural Vanilla Seeds, mostly because I find that the seeds in the Graze Box don't get eaten or end up making a mess. Since the other snacks are gone fairly quickly, I end up with a bunch of half-eaten seed cases and then they end up spilling. I went through and made seeds a trash for the time being, even though I like them, just because I feel like they don't work in the box for me.

My husband really liked the El Picante. This is a mix of paprika baguettes, spicy chili peanuts, and jumbo corn. He's more the savory snacks person and the spicier the better. If you include some kind of nut, he's even happier. So this was a definite win for him.

My favorite in the box was the Raspberry and Coconut Muffin. This is a combination of raspberry cranberries, coconut flakes, almonds, and amaretto drops. YUM!

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