Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sunsella Buddy Box Bento Style Lunchbox Review

My two older children and I take a lunch/dinner to school or work nearly every day. Generally, the kids take a sandwich, a fruit, and a snack along with a drink. We put the fruit in a plastic bag and use plastic wrap or tin foil for the sandwich. I was very excited, though, to review Buddy Boxes from Sunsella, which are great for helping to eliminate some of the waste, as well as helping with controlling portion sizes.

The boxes arrived in a package of four, along with four brightly colored lids. They are a bit more sturdy than the reusable containers from Glad and they stack nicely inside one another, saving space in the cabinet or pantry. The colored lids are great because each person in the family can have his or her own color, so there is no confusion, which is actually a problem in our house. Each kid has accidentally had the wrong sandwich before. I always check to make sure it is the right sandwich for the right kid, but sometimes I get them mixed up; they look the same when wrapped up in foil!

Over the weekend, my daughter and I went on a bus trip to New York City, so I decided to pack our snacks in these Buddy Boxes to take along on the bus, in hopes of saving a little money once we were in the city. Buddy Boxes have three different-sized compartments for different portion sizes. The largest one fits a sandwich nicely. There is also a medium-sized compartment and a small one. I packed one with cucumber slices, carrots, and ranch dressing, one with strawberries, celery, and peanut butter, and the last one with cherry tomatoes, celery, and more ranch dressing. I was pretty happy with how well the three boxes fit into my lunch bag with the ice packs. Several people on the trip asked where I got these because they loved the concept.

I am looking forward to using these for my dinners for work, too. I am always trying to make sure I have the right portions of each of the food groups as I try to eat healthier and get back on track with my diet. It never fails - I always have too much rice in my meals because I hate to dig out the measuring cup just to check how much I am putting in. With the divided compartments in this box, it will be easier to estimate. These Buddy Boxes take up little room, make it easier to determine portion size, and help eliminate the waste of plastic bags and tin foil.

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