Sunday, April 5, 2015

Causebox by Sevenly Review: Spring 2015

Causebox by Sevenly is a quarterly subscription box of lifestyle items for women. $7 of the box's purchase goes to a charity of your choice (I chose anti-trafficking programs). Some people have said that they would rather donate directly, but I suppose I think - yes, but will you? I know that I am more likely to waste $7 than to donate it, so I feel like this is a subscription that sends me some useful items every few months and ensures that I am donating what is essentially spare change, rather than wasting it. I try to donate when I can directly, but I feel like this is just a perk. 

One of the first items in the box for the spring was a decal cling. I am not sure I will actually use the cling, but I do love what it says on the back and if I were to hang a cling decal, this would be it. 

There was also a nice notebook, which is always something I can use, some gummies I can't eat since they include gelatin, and a sample of peanut butter from Good Spread. I love the bracelet from Tribe Alive, especially since it's not leather!

One of the featured items was a Turkish towel. I haven't used one of these before, and it's not as soft as I would like. However, I am always happy to have another towel around and it's a nice pastel color.

The other item is another bullet necklace from Half United. I got one of these in the winter FabFitFun box and I didn't want it then, either. I appreciate what they're trying to do and maybe some people love this necklace, but there is no circumstance beyond a zombie apocalypse that involves me wearing a bullet.

I still like Causebox, because there are a few items I will use and the concept is great. I am willing to stick around and see what comes in future boxes. If they eventually begin to feel like misses more often than not, I can cancel, but this is still worth it for me.

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