Saturday, April 18, 2015

CushionCare Memory Foam Seat Cushion Review

I'm one of those people who is NEVER comfortable. It doesn't help that my couch has seen far better days and we don't have a lot of great furniture, but it's a constant refrain in our house. So when I was given a chance to review a seat cushion from CushionCare, I was all over that!

The cushion comes with an additional washable cover in blue, which is great. I would probably love a black cover since it would be less conspicuous in an office setting, but that's really my only thoughts on a cover color!

In summary, this cushion is decided to reduce pressure on your spine, tailbone, and hips, which can lead to pain and poor comfort if you sit a lot. It's made of memory foam that is designed not to flatten, too, which is great, because that's exactly why most of my furniture needs to be replaced - over time, it just wears down and it doesn't provide the comfort you're used to, and really, a couch needs to be comfortable!

One thing I really like about this is that it's not too big, so you can also use it when traveling or for situations when you may need it even more. No more horribly uncomfortable wooden seats at conferences! Honestly, I don't care how stylish is - I wouldn't be ashamed to pull it out during a really long meeting or event when you're stuck in those horrible chairs.

CushionCare also offers a lifetime guarantee that it will last, so that's one of those things that could make a difference for people. I like that they are confident in their product and it does seem to help when you need something to add some extra comfort. Although I do sit a lot, my job is flexible enough that I can move around if I need to, but I know I've definitely worked in situations when I came home more uncomfortable from sitting that any person should ever experience!!

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