Monday, April 6, 2015

FabFitFun Review: Spring 2015

FabFitFun is a quarterly lifestyle subscription box of beauty, fashion, food, and fitness items. Each box is very likely to include items that more than meet the value of what you paid - and the items you won't use are generally of high quality and can be gifted. What I personally like is that although I cannot find anything official saying FabFitFun only sources cruelty-free items, they have consistently done so and that means a lot to me. 

The first item was an art print scarf. Because I have an annual membership, I got to pick which scarf. If you had told me there would ever be a moment when I would select modern art over watercolor, I would have laughed, but I did end up preferring the modern art print to the watercolor for the scarf. I admit I don't love this scarf, but it's very nice and you never know. Besides, if I don't wear it, it's nice enough to give to someone.

There were a number of gift cards, but I will only use the one for Merrithew. One was yet another Hello Fresh gift card and I will eventually use one of these when Hello Fresh has three vegetarian meals I want to eat. The other was for Vow to be Chic, a dress rental site. It's a rent one/get one deal, and I can't think of a chance to rent even one, never mind two, so this isn't for me. Maybe when I was younger and everyone was getting married, but now, we are old and everyone's either divorced or crankily still in their relationships! ;)

I am not sure what to do with the collagen booster. I really don't understand most of these products, because I find that people use a lot of products not to look old and then need to use more to maintain that, when I still look 20-something and have never used any. Correlation? Maybe I'm just lucky.

This is not a box I loved, since two of my favorite items were the samples. I love the MiracleGro seed pod and when we move, I am going to grow my own basil on the kitchen windowsill! I also ate this salted caramel popcorn before my husband even knew it existed (it's very good). Although I don't love the box, I don't hate it and the value is there. I am not in a place where I am consider canceling when my subscription runs out, although I suppose that could change.

Also included was a nail polish in a really nice pastel pink and a BB creme. I have no idea what a BB creme is, but Orly is cruelty-free and so I will hang on to this in the event I find out or someone wants it. I was going to do a spring or early summer giveaway for the blog, but things are hectic now with the move and so that may be delayed. We shall see, though.

There was a three DVD set of workout videos, which is great. I haven't tried Pilates and I don't know if I need extra equipment, but last time they sent Zumba and that was really fun so I will certainly give this a try! It's great getting workout videos, since this is pretty much the easiest way to motivate me to exercise.

I have been trying to stock up on new makeup brushes, so these came at a good time. I like that they're fairly versatile, too. I hate those brushes you get that don't work except for one specific item or look; these can be used in a number of ways and that's important to me since I rarely wear makeup as it is.

The second to last item is yet another set of metallic tattoos. Are people wearing these? Am I so far out of the loop? I just don't understand why I keep getting them, but then again, I keep getting anti-aging creams. I guess I should be a wrinkly woman with metallic armbands, according to the top lifestyle blogs. Good to know. :)

I love the last item!! The coasters are cardboard, which means I likely won't actually use them, but they're so cute. There are two each of the four designs and they include Paris, London, New York, and Tokyo. I haven't been to Tokyo, but Paris, London, and New York are my three favorite cities in the world (really going out a limb there, huh?) and these are just adorable. I was thinking of maybe making some kind of wall art with them because I enjoy them so much. They're simple but reflective of my travels and my interests, so this is probably my favorite item in this box.

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