Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Silicone Lego Style Mold Review by Crafty

Building blocks are essential to so many homes with boys. In our house, there is not a room that does not have a block in it. When I heard I was receiving this product for review, I was really excited to be able to use my imagination to think of fun ways to put these silicone Lego style molds to use.

The minute my boys saw the mold they were full of questions. They wanted to know what it was, how it was used, what it made. My first response was to tell them that we could put water in them to make ice cube Lego-like blocks. This didn't seem like a very exciting idea, though, which prompted me to brainstorm a bit more.

My first idea was to melt down some of their old crayons - you know, the ones that break and then somehow can never be used again. I melted the crayon down and poured it into the one mold. That was the easy part of the project. The hot liquid took the shape of the mold, kept the shape as it cooled, and produced cute mini figure crayons. The cleanup from melting the crayon was a whole different story. I don't know if I will try that again with these molds. Not because of the mold, but because of the trouble I had with getting the crayon out of the bowl after I was done.

I also had plans to make a video using the molds with melted chocolate. This seemed like an awesome idea, plus you could get really creative and purchase different colored candy melts. I was pleased when the chocolate mini figures turned out exactly how I pictured them. One of the hardest things for me is getting an idea in my head only to have it fail in the end, but that wasn't the case with the chocolate. You can see the making of the chocolate mini figures here.

The last idea I had was truly something special: making soap in the molds. I really wanted to jump into this idea head on; however, there was one small problem with that. I have never made soap before. I did a quick YouTube search to find out how to make a natural soap to pour into the molds. One of the ingredients that is key and does not have a substitute is lye. I currently do not have any lye in the house except for what is in the drain cleaner and it is recommended to use 100% pure lye. Also the thought of my children cleaning themselves with something containing drain cleaner is unsettling to me. If anyone has ever made soap without lye, please let me know! Update: After typing up my review, I learned that lye, also known as sodium hydroxide, mixes with certain substances to convert to the completely safe substances we know as soap and glycerin. It is apparently simple chemistry that I never knew. This makes me feel much better about making homemade soaps! 

Once I get the supplies I need to make soap, the first thing I plan to try is making the larger mini figure with a twist. The plan, which I am hoping works out, is to pour a bit of the soap mixture into the mold, place an actual mini figure Lego in the mold and pour the rest of the soap mixture on top. I am really excited about the possibilities of this! I hope my idea works out in the end.

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