Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Little Lace Box Canvas Print Review

People love to complain. I work in customer service, so I know this, and I also know that customers tend to believe they're always right. Oftentimes, they just aren't, but you can't really say that, but I kind of wish you could. Anyway, Little Lace Box has had a heck of a few months because some people just aren't happy with them. I have no desire to minimize anyone's experience, but I just don't see it because I've enjoyed my Little Lace Box subscription. To each his own, though. 

One of the items in the last month's box was a canvas print. It wasn't technically in the box since it had to be shipped separately, but this is such a nice addition - a valuable work of art for your walls using your own photography. It sounds like it's been a bit of a nightmare for Little Lace Box - between people complaining that they can't choose a picture, that the process is too complicated, and then not being able to follow the directions. In a recent email, it sounds like a lot of people uploaded the wrong things. I know computers are complicated and I definitely get that. I wasn't sure I did it right, either, but my box arrived and it seems I did. I also have to say that this was far from complicated. I think the entire process took me ten minutes. Maybe. 

I admit I have a bit of buyer's remorse, but only because I couldn't choose which picture to do and no natter what, I was going to wonder if I made the right choice. It's not the problem of Little Lace Box at all! The quality of this canvas is exceptional. I was notified it was shipping, had it in two days, and it was wrapped VERY securely inside. The colors pop on the canvas and the frame is solid. I'm really happy to have this for my wall and, in fact, I may even order more later with the photos I didn't use.

While I can appreciate that everyone has different skills and abilities, and that not everyone loves art for their walls, I have to say that I personally think this was a fantastic item in a subscription box. I am not only happy with the box, but this item is going to last far longer than pretty much 90% of the items you get in boxes. I really can't see how this could be anything less than fantastic!

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