Monday, March 30, 2015

Little Lace Box Review: March 2015

Little Lace Box is kind of like a special club these days, since they have closed subscriptions. I'm pretty happy about that personally (although I admit I also got in when they still had them and may not be happy if I didn't), just because it means that they are focusing on quality. I know a lot of people have been complaining about the items in the boxes these last few months, but I feel like this is a subscription box that always has value even if you don't use the items. You will get at least what you paid for in the box and the items are nice enough for gifting!

There actually wasn't much in the box this month, since the big item has to be ordered separately. It's a canvas mounted print of an image you upload. I'm excited about that! I am still sorting through photos for the right image to select. 

There were a couple of variations in the March box, which was themed "Here Comes the Sun." The first was in the color you got for the Kate Spade glass water bottle. I like this item, but sadly got the color I least like. It's a glittery gold but because it's only somewhat glittery, it just looks kind of blah. People were throwing fits about pink and although I'm not girly, I would have preferred pink, but I'll still use this bottle regardless of the color I got. 

The other items were a bath sponge and a shampoo/conditioner set from Baronessa Cali. This was also an either/or, with some subscribers getting the blood orange set and others getting the olive oil set. I would have loved the citrus, but this will be nice and Little Lace Box only sources cruelty-free items, so that's a big plus for me!

The theme for April (although they're sold out sadly) is Nonna's Kitchen. You have to imagine there will be less complaining about food, but you never know! I personally don't understand it, because the box is such a treat and the items come from companies that I'm excited to see. I also feel like most of what comes in Little Lace Box is such a nice surprise in general. These are the kinds of items I enjoy, but wouldn't normally buy myself and that's pretty much perfect.

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