Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Something Snacks Review: March 2015

I love the entire concept of Something Snacks, because I get a lot of snack subscription boxes, but this one is unique. They offer a mix of things you know, things you might be willing to try, and things that are new and different.

This box was really great to share with my husband, because it was well mixed between sweet and savory snacks. He's also a lot less adventurous about snacks than I am, so while I will try anything, he tends to stick to things he already knows he likes.

This month's theme was St. Patrick's Day, so the snacks were mainly Irish or green. Some may have been a stretch, but it's really hard to theme every snack!

My husband tried the potato chips first (crisps if they are British, but clearly they are not made in Britain since they say chips). These were salt and vinegar, a flavor I really don't like, so he got them all to himself. He said they were heavier on the vinegar than he's used to, but he still ate the bag quite fast so it couldn't have bothered him too much!

We also received plantain chips. I can't describe what these taste like, but they're familiar somehow. I thought they would be like banana chips, since they look like them, but they are certainly not. They're saltier and my husband didn't like them (they didn't fit in his list of ten foods he will eat, I guess!), but they weren't bad. They were just not what I expected.

There was also a bag of pistachios, which went right to my husband since this is an approved snack of his. I don't love pistachios so I don't mind.

Neither of us ate the Sea Veggies, because we tried seaweed before and it did not go well. I am sure lots of people love this, but neither of us are those people.

I did, however, love the crispy tangerine slices. I love fruit, especially citrus, and I like dried fruits and organic, natural snacks like this, so it was awesome. It was basically just a bag of crispy tangerines, and that's a total win!

The last two items we liked most. My husband doesn't drink coffee, so he could not enjoy the biscotti (I mean, sure he could have but we all know they go much better with coffee, right?). I enjoyed it quite a bit! It was grasshopper mint, too, so even better.

Finally, there were two (perfect in this case) shamrock handmade shortbread cookies. I always like cookies and shortbread so this was a nice treat.

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  1. I just got plantain chips in a box last month, I agree they are familiar but they weren't what I expected. I also agree that the seaweed chips are not for me at all. What a great variety in this box though!