Friday, March 20, 2015

Candy Adriatico Review: February 2015

I was very excited to try the subscription box from Candy Adriatico, which is a new one that sends candy and treats from Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, and environs. I was offered this box for review. The reason this is so late is that I just received it last week although it was shipped in the first week of February. The people at Candy Adriatico are so responsive and kind, though, and maintained communications throughout. These delays happen, especially when going through customs. When I received several boxes a couple weeks ago from the UK and Spain, we were concerned and a second box was going to be shipped out of fear this was lost. Fortunately it was not. 

Admittedly, I had no idea what to expect from this. I did mention that I don't eat gelatin, but aside from that, I had no idea what kinds of foods people in Slovenia eat. I've been to Italy and I love Italian food and snacks, but this was going to be a surprise. 

The box included several good sized treats, a personalized info card, and a handwritten postcard featuring Piran, which is listed as the fourth most romantic city in Europe according to the note. I love Europe and would be happy to visit Slovenia. 

Featured in this image are Mini Rolada, which are kind of like Yodels. They're basically cream-filled cakes and are pretty tasty. 

Also included were some chocolate cream wafers, Italian gumdrops in a variety of flavors, and an Italian chocolate cereal bar. I really enjoyed each of these snacks, especially the Loacker bar. The gumdrops had some unique flavors included, but all of these treats are the kinds I would seek out when traveling and looking for a snack. I was certainly happy there was so much chocolate. 

There was also a mini Zanzibar and a very big Dorina crisped rice and chocolate bar. I love crisped rice bars, so this box was a definite hit for me. It didn't taste like I expected, since the rice was HUGE, but it was still very good!

I would be happy to sign up for this and I may after we move (especially with the shipping times, I would be afraid to sign up now until we are settled). Every snack was tasty and something I would normally look for here or when traveling. As far as I'm concerned, Candy Adriatico is a win!

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