Monday, March 9, 2015

Treatsie Best of 2014 Box Review

The worst thing happened to me this past month - I discovered Treatsie. No, not because they're not an amazing subscription box or for any fault of their own. No, the problem is that these boxes are amazing. Too amazing. I need to lock them in a vault in another room and have someone else control the key, because otherwise I just tell myself, "only one more" until there are no more left!! ;) In addition to the regular subscription box this month, I decided to splurge for the Best of 2014 special edition box. Luckily I can report I have barely been able to touch this yet. (Not for lack of wanting to, but I have so many snacks!) All of the items in this box, except for two, were full sized (and generally very large). The first item is a milk chocolate bar in cinnamon brown sugar. I cannot wait to enjoy this! There was also an almond butter cup from Buddha Chocolate. I haven't tried this yet, but I love almonds and I love peanut butter cups, so I'm sure it's wonderful. 
Also included was a pack of bourbon caramels, two small wine chocolates, and a batch of Southern Pecan toffee. I was such a huge fan of the toffee in the regular subscription box and I can't wait to try this. I also love caramels, although I haven't opened the box of the bourbon ones yet (you'll see why in a moment). Finally, I'm so excited to try chocolate and wine. That sounds like a perfect Saturday night to me!

There was a huge bag of chocolate espresso cookies. I am going to be very happy for the next few months with all of these delightful treats in the pantry! I can't wait for these, since I love cookies but I really prefer homemade or fresh from scratch ones over packaged cookies. These sounds awesome.

Treatsie also included another package of Raley's hard candies and although I haven't opened the bag yet, I did enjoy ALL of the candy from my first bag from them. I am so happy to see this again!

There was a box of cherry salt water taffy. With my subscription to North Fork Taffy, I am overwhelmed by taffy (my husband doesn't really eat it), so although I'm excited, it will take a while to get to this!!

Shockingly, I haven't even opened the dark chocolate peanut bar yet, since peanut butter is my favorite. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I may just have too much chocolate right now. (This is a problem we all need to have, right?)

The last item is the only one I've opened and it's a one pound bag of pecan caramels from Avenue Sweets. As you can see, I have a lot of caramels, although I love them and I don't mind. It's taking a while to make a dent in this giant bag, though.

This was WELL worth the cost because I have enough sweets to get me a few months, and I have subscription boxes still coming!! Treatsie is fantastic and I recommend trying them!

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