Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sports Crate Review: February 2015

In the subscription box world, there seem to be a million beauty boxes and the same number of geek themed boxes, but one area that really hasn't been tapped into much yet is sports. Sports Crate is the only active sports subscription box full of collectibles. What's nice is you also pick your teams for the box so you are getting things related to your interests. 

This month, the owner also emailed subscribers as he had a limited number of camp shirts and wanted to know which athletes interested each person. He couldn't guarantee everyone a shirt, but he would promise no one would get one they didn't want (for example, I would probably have burned anything with Vick on it). We did end up getting a shirt, so the majority of this month's box's value is in that. 

We also got a miniature Red Sox player to match our full sized one from last month. :)

We got a Darren McFadden shirt. Although my husband isn't much of a Raiders fan, he does like McFadden (even though "he's always hurt"). A few years ago, he was on my husband's fantasy league team and he came in second that year so I guess he has a soft spot for him. (So, a lot of people seem to think the geek boxes are for men and I notice a ton of reviews say things like "my husband likes comics" or "my son watches Doctor Who" but I am probably even more of a geek than my husband in a lot of ways. When it comes to sports, though, forget it. I have never even heard of Darren McFadden. This is totally his box.)

We got a slap bracelet for one of the NCAA teams, even though it's not one we really follow. With March Madness coming up, though, it'll come in handy (and that's a sporting event I do actually pay some attention to each year). 

Our two Fatheads were Jon Lester, although he's been traded, and Bergeron. My husband really likes Bergeron especially, because he's a hardcore Bruins fan. A loyal Boston sports fan overall, sure, but his real love is hockey.

Finally, I thought the last item was a really nice touch. It was another bottle opener key chain, but what I like is that it's a Patriots Super Bowl Champions key chain. Since they literally just won about a week before the boxes started shipping, I appreciate the fact that these were tracked down for Pats fans.

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