Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Treatsie Review: March 2015

Treatsie makes me very happy and I get so excited when the boxes are on their way! This month's box was no exception. 

The first item was a bag of chocolate-covered macaroons from Stay Sweet Macs. I love chocolate and I love macaroons, so these were awesome!

There was a stick of Millionaire Shortbread from Sticky Toffee Pudding. I had a hard time with this because there was hickory smoked sea salt in it, so it tasted like there was bacon in this. There wasn't, but even when I ate meat, I didn't like bacon much. My husband, however, enjoyed this immensely.

The ZZang What the Fudge candy bar from Zingerman's Candy was RIDICULOUS. I don't think it should be legal to put these items together, because it's so good!!

The last item we received was a bag of fruit lollipops from Quin. What I love about Treatsie is that they send candy from smaller businesses and the items are all made naturally and with care. Everything ends up being awesome, because it's not mass produced and it makes it even better!

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