Sunday, March 15, 2015

Send Me Gluten Free Review: March 2015

I had received a review box from Send Me Gluten Free last month, so I didn't anticipate a second one this month. Therefore, when it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised. I'm not strict about gluten (in fact, I make a batch of seitan every week now and that's pure gluten), but I am always open to foods that are more conscious of being healthy and natural. I also figure anything I can't use that is gluten-free is something I can give to my sister. (I am mailing her the envelope full of coupons, because she will be more likely to make a point of using brands that are gluten-free.)

This may sound dumb, but this box was really exciting for us because it contained two items I really need: lasagna noodles and wraps. We don't have either in the house but will use these and it saves us from shopping. The noodles are ready to use as well, which makes cooking lasagna even easier! And wraps are useful in a variety of recipes and we almost always have them on hand. We had run out recently so I was probably way too excited about wraps.

There were lots of little items, including more of this NoGii protein that I have been inundated with through subscription boxes lately. I guess I should use it then! We also got kimchee seasoning and although I don't really know how to use it, I like having spices on hand. There was some joint health chews (and they're gelatin-free), as well as a pain gel made from rattlesnake venom that kind of terrifies me. I suppose I'm not ingesting it, but the idea of venom in anything is somewhat scary.

Finally, there was a pack of gummy bears, but these are not gelatin-free and will therefore be given away.

The last two items were a Figgies & Jammie bar (basically a Fig Newton) and a snack bar from Too Sum. These kinds of snacks are always welcome! I was very happy with this month's box, especially since it was a surprise.

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