Sunday, March 15, 2015

Arcade Block Review: February 2015

By the time my Nerd Block, Arcade Block, and Horror Block gets here every month, the next one is about to ship. It's tough because I have known what was in these boxes for weeks before it was here, thanks to Instagram and social media. I do wish that Nerd Block would ship their boxes that need to go through customs a few days before shipping them within Canada, since their 4-6 day window is nowhere near accurate. I could drive to Nerd Block headquarters in about 12 hours and it takes at least 12 days to get here.

Anyway... Arcade Block has not been a hit for us and this was our last month of our subscription. As I mentioned last month, I needed something special to consider continuing. This box was certainly an improvement and I did sign up for March, but I don't think it's going to be something I want long-term. I just find their emphasis is far too kid-focused and I'm not really interested in nostalgically recalling games I played as a child. I would like to celebrate the games I play now.

With that said, this is entirely a personal preference. (I have been attacked for saying this, which is just asinine. I am not saying this is a bad subscription; it's just not one for me.) This box was significantly better than last month's and I am going to get the March box on a month-by-month subscription, but I don't plan on going past that. They have hinted at double shirts and Double Dragon in March, though. I do really like the shirts, but I decided to spend the money I would put into these boxes into just buying shirts instead unless the box itself looks awesome.

Speaking of shirts, this month's was really, really cool. We haven't really used Nintendo since the days of Game Cube, but it's hard to deny the importance of The Legend of Zelda in gaming history.

There were a few filler items, including a Pac-Man key chain (which we got already in another box - this is something I wish the subscription boxes would pay more attention to. Many subscribers do choose to subscribe to several and we get a little tired of repeat products) and a Sonic buildable figure. There was also a Legend of Zelda map mouse pad. This is the second mouse pad from a Nerd Block subscription in three months, which is kind of weird. Do Canadians still use these? I don't know anyone who really uses mouse pads anymore.

There was an awesome Starfox mug, and coffee mugs are always good. Also a Link plush and this is great! I did like these items and was happy with this block. Nerd Block will be including books in all their blocks starting in March, though, and I really don't want gaming books since there are maybe three in existence that are not guides. I swear, if I receive another copy of Ready Player One that is not the one I expect from Naomi Kyle, I am burning it. I am so sick of that book. Maybe the publisher thinks they're doing great marketing, but it's becoming invasive. I would feel this way about any book, especially one four years old, when I kept seeing it over and over and over. It's good, but man. I just can't see books and gaming being comprehensive enough to make sense. Maybe they'll prove me wrong, but I am an avid reader and I don't subscribe to subscription boxes for books, because I buy the books I want to read. I can't imagine Arcade Block is going to introduce me to some book I'm not aware of yet, so it's just going to be a book I either have or don't want. (Again, personal experience, which is our entire focus here. Arcade Block is a good choice if you're looking for just a fun subscription box with some gift ideas and don't get too many. With the number we get and the fact that we are already pretty aware of books and pop culture, it's just not something we have enjoyed enough.)

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