Friday, March 20, 2015

Orange Glad Review: March 2015

Orange Glad sends these lovely cards with each subscription box delivery that explain each item, as well as offer suggested "enjoy by" dates. This would be useful... if I didn't polish off the box in one sitting! ;)

We subscribe to the double treats box because otherwise my husband would never see the box. This way we can enjoy the treats together and we don't have to fight to share.

To be totally honest, I had all kinds of issues with the Orange Glad system this month, and I eventually ended up canceling for something that was really a complication on my end and not theirs. Through the whole process, Andy was so nice and helpful and after the entire mess, I resubscribed and now the system and everything seems in place. I want to make this clear because they could have basically ignored me or just been quick to resolve the issue, but they really did go above and beyond to help me with something that I seem to have made far more complicated than it needed to be! I appreciate that a lot, because running a business is hard enough and to have the kind of service that really does take time for customers personally is a major perk for me.

Okay, now on to the amazing food! Crafty also received her first Orange Glad box this month, although her husband didn't get to try much of it! :) She was definitely convinced, as I was the first time I tried it, that this is well worth it. It may seem like it's not, but we aren't exaggerating when we say Orange Glad is basically perfect. Check out our friends over at Subaholic, who agree!

I really don't even know where to start. Nothing in this box was just okay. The Smackaroons were almond macaroons dipped in chocolate and they were phenomenal. As far as the cake pops, the card said these are from Sweet E's, and I don't know who Sweet E's is but I am pretty sure they are some kind of baking superhero. These were red velvet and both my husband and I were in awe of this pop. Crafty actually started a conversation with us about the cake pops over Xbox Live recently, because they're that good. I am not a huge cake fan (weird, I know), although I like red velvet, but if every cake tasted like this, I would probably make it my key dietary staple (so I suppose it's good they don't!).

The San Juan sea salt and toffee truffle bar from Seattle Chocolates was excellent. I've tried their candy before from Treatsie and they really do make awesome chocolate. There was also a roll of Russia tea cakes, which are basically powdered shortbread. I love that the shortbread in these artisan boxes is so moist, since I do like shortbread but usually find it dry.

Finally there was a box of mini shortbread cookies. I took one photo and then ate them, only to discover it didn't come out. They were good, though, I promise!

Seriously, I cannot stress enough just how much you need to try Orange Glad. My husband is more of a savory snacks guy and rarely cares much about candy or sweets and he has loved every item in both boxes we've tried. And of course, since I love baked goods and sweets, I think it's fantastic!

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  1. This is good that you subscribe it again. I have already used Orange Glad and its services are very friendly. And congrats that you got a splendid treat box.:) Wish you good health. Cheers!