Saturday, March 21, 2015

Crafty's Play Prep: The Beginning

It's Spring! Today the weather was perfect for a nice walk outside with the three-year-old. We do still have some snow yet to melt but nothing compared to what Boxy has experienced this winter!

As the weather starts to warm, there are a few things that occur in our house every year. The warmer weather signals the beginning of sports for the older kids (they aren't much for winter sports). There are also things like spring break, Easter, and the end of the school year for the kids (I know I am pushing it with that one). However, the thing I look forward to the most at this time of year is the school play.

For the last three years, my older kids have been in their school play. When they first started, they were in the chorus, but last year my daughter, who is the oldest, tried out for a speaking part. My middle son was supposed to be in the chorus again last year as well, but because of his hard work and dedication, he was also promoted to a speaking part, which is unusual for a first grader.

My favorite part about the play is that I have been responsible for the costumes for the last three years. The first year the costumes were fairly easy; most really just required the gathering of different bits and pieces. Of course, since it was my first year doing it, I don't seem to have pictures to share of what the costumes looked like.

Last year was different, though; they did a play that was a combination of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Snow White. Some of the costumes were very involved and I was able to put my creativity to the test. I also have to say I was very lucky to have Boxy (who has a background in theater) to bounce ideas off of.

These are some of my favorite costumes from last year's play! These three were so fun and ended up working out really well, even if it took me some time to get the director's vision right.

The trolls are my older two kiddos and, while we learned just how itchy burlap really is and that while rubber ears may stay on really well with stage makeup glue, it is almost impossible to get the glue of the kiddos' ears quickly.

The other major costume project from last year was the dwarf shirts. Each dwarf had his own unique name and quality. After gathering brightly colored shirts in each actor's size, I printed out clip art and ironed on each of the graphics. They really turned out cute!
Blowin, Snowin, Hummin, Smellin
This year the play is a spoof on Romeo and Juliet. My middle child is again in the chorus and will be signing some really fun songs. One of my favorites that I have been listening to them practice is "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go," by WHAM! The oldest is a cook and will be responsible for the prologue!

The costumes this year will be full of bright colors, using an '80s theme because what is better than that, right? Yup, NOTHING!

Be sure to check back as I will be updating the blog as we move along with the creation of costumes for this year's play!

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