Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Infinity Crates Review: February 2015 (Nostalgia)

So I have a problem when it comes to the geek collectible boxes, because I subscribe to basically all of them (except the so-called leader due to their horrific customer service). At the very least, I will try any box at least once that caters to geeks and nerds, because I feel like I need to try them to decide which ones work for me. You're never going to like everything in pop culture, but my tastes are pretty broad - and when you add my husband's interests, we can generally be pleased easily. Lately, though, I've gotten a little discouraged because they all have started to feel like pandering and there's an entire contingent of really psychotic "fans" who will attack you for even playing on a different console as a gamer. "Geek culture" has gotten inherently hateful lately, so my preference has moved onto the boxes where I feel valued and I feel like the people involved are more interested in sharing love of something than feeding into negativity.

With that said, I wasn't sure about Infinity Crates, mostly because the exchange rate from the UK is killer. They need to do a bit more than the others for me to justify the added costs. Since I knew that, I set this up for one month, planning to cancel when I tried it because I just couldn't see them being able to offset that expense. I am so happy to say that, at least with this box, I feel it's worth it. This box had a shirt and POP figure, plus a few other great items. From what I gather, they always include a poster, shirt, and POP - and that's basically value for me right there. 

Of course, this was an extra awesome box since the theme was Nostalgia and they really hit on a bunch of franchises we love. 

The card doesn't list the items included, which I know bothers some people, although I kind of like that it's a piece of art in itself without a list of products. I really love the design of this postcard and could see myself making a collage of these if they all look like this. 

Our poster is Alien vs. Predator, which is awesome. I'm a big fan of the Alien movies and my husband loves both Alien and Predator, so this is a hit. It came rolled up and slightly crushed (thanks, Customs), but we will probably frame it if we hang it up and if we don't hang it, it will go in our own box where we store collectibles and likely end up crushed anyway. 

The third item in this photo is a basic card holder (not really a wallet, but the card holder you put in a wallet or purse), but the design is all DC characters. Maybe it's because Infinity Crates is Welsh or something, but I just found these items really superior to a lot of the swag (aka junk) we usually see in boxes like this. They all have an artistic touch and I appreciate that personally. 

As with most of the geek crates, there were a few "filler" items, but they were mostly useful ones. There was a Mario bomb key chain, a Sonic lanyard, and a box of candy. All of these are useful, although I'm sort of overloaded on key chains and lanyards. Still, when we get the bonus items, I do prefer something useful like a key chain over something I will end up throwing out or sticking in storage. Even if it ends up being unused, at least a key chain has a purpose. And snacks are always fun (especially since they're from the UK so maybe I will get Cadbury...).

The shirt this month is amazing! Who doesn't love Back to the Future?! My husband says this all the time - usually for no reason whatsoever - so it was perfect. I also like that it's gray because although I buy 90% of my shirts in black, it is nice to have something that isn't black once in a while (of course, the reason I wear black is because I'm a slob so I probably won't end up wearing this one in order to save it from being ruined). 

Finally, the POP. I really love these guys. They're adorable. I'm not sure I feel the love for Funko as a company for several reasons, but these POPs are just so cute and I think they make great collectibles. We never open the boxes, of course, but our collection is growing. I was planning to work on redesigning our nerd room this summer and making a whole POP area, but we may be moving now so we shall see (stay tuned for news on that). Either way, eventually the POPs will get a section of the house to themselves! This POP is Ghostbusters and that's also awesome. 

By the way, speaking of awesome, Infinity Crates shared this unboxing video on their Facebook page and I need to pass it along. I seriously want this kid to open everything!

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  1. Oh that little boy is too cute! It is nice to find that some companies take pride in giving you items that of higher quality, including the small swag items.