Saturday, March 21, 2015

Pet Gift Box Review: March 2015

This month, Crafty surprised my kitties with a birthday present from Pet Gift Box. This is actually a subscription box, but you can also do one-off gifts, such as this. They also offer subscriptions and gifts for both dogs and cats, which is nice. 

The cats recently had a birthday so they were happy to get this just in time. What I loved was that the box actually came addressed to them, both inside and out. It obviously also had my name on the outside as well, since the USPS may have had a tough time finding the cats on the address list for our town, but I loved this little touch!

Included in the box were five toys and a bag of treats. My cats are junk food addicts, sadly, so I always try to give them the healthy treats that come in these pet subscription boxes, only for them to stare at me until I break out the Friskies. I keep these on hand, though, hoping one day I can trick them into eating better. (They really are like toddlers.)

The toys were a much bigger hit. There was a variety, including a duck with a bell, a ball with a feather, and a pack of jingling balls, but the other two toys were the definitive winners.

My female cat (who looks like the cat on the packaging here) loved the flickering ostrich. She was going nuts for this, throwing it around the room and jumping over furniture to get it. My male cat, on the other hand, loved the feathered toy, mostly because he was able to tear all the feathers off it and try to eat them. That's what he does for the most part - eat things. :)

This was a fun surprise and the cats are now somehow well aware of which boxes are for them. They definitely think every box is for them, but they have some kind of radar that hones in on pet boxes and sit by the box, waiting, until it's presented to them!

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