Thursday, March 26, 2015

Wholly Hemp Review: March 2015

I love Wholly Hemp. They make me very happy. I enjoy getting a box from them every month, even if I don't really need these products right now, because I know that I will have them on hand when I do. They offer three subscription sizes - two, four, or eight products a month - and I have now tried all three. I admit I am really in this for the soap, but I won't ever complain about extra products!

This month, I received deodorant, lip balm, and two bars of soap. The deodorant is in tea tree; I am currently using the deodorant from Honest, but I like having this as well because as it gets warmer, I know I will want options.

Of course, I am always excited abut lip balm. This one is in orange, a personal favorite of mine! I noted on my account that I love citrus and patchouli and Wholly Hemp has been great at sending me at least one of those each month.

For my two bars of soap, I received patchouli again (so excited because I ran out of this a while ago and had moved on to one of my Sudsy bars, but that is also now gone and I love patchouli!) and sweet orange. These are the perfect selections for me.

Every month, Wholly Hemp does an awesome job. Everything is simple - it's organic, ethical, and sustainable. In addition, Wholly Hemp offers microloans to women around the globe to help them better their lives. Really, what's better than that?

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