Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Indie Craft Sampler Review: March 2015

I really enjoyed my Indie Craft Sampler from February, so I was excited when this came. I admit I was a little disappointed in this month's but mostly because the items just didn't work for me personally in the same way. They were more, obviously, crafty items, but in areas I don't see myself using them as much.

With that said, these samplers are ideal for just that - a little peek into what you could be getting without a commitment to something you end up feeling isn't for you. (This should probably have had a St. Patrick's theme, huh? I just realized that.)

It's unlikely I don't miss something in this review because there were tons of items in the sampler. I will try to focus mostly on my favorites while doing my best to get everyone.

I was really excited about the Cheaha Soaps inclusion, because I love soap and because it's vegan soap. This one also has hints of patchouli, which makes me even happier. Their soaps are also only $4 each, so next time I am in need of soaps, I know where to go! (Not that I ever need soap anymore since I get so much of it, but at $4 a piece, when I move, I may just stock up anyway.)

There was also a minicomics pack from My Monster Hat. I particularly enjoyed Cats in Costumes. (By the way, there is a "How Sherlock Survived" comic on their site, so I may have to get myself that.)

The sample from Music City Suds smelled great but was a little too small to really get a sense for it. It is vegetarian, though, which is nice. I really enjoy the names of their soaps. This was also the case with the perfume sample and I'm not sure where it was from because it was hard to read it all.

There was a pair of earrings from Sweet Pickle Jewels (their Etsy shop appears to be empty so I may have the wrong link?). These are really cute and I love that the Indie Craft Sampler includes jewelry.

One of my favorite items was the sachet from Sew Geeky. I enjoy the quote and it's a cute sachet.

I received a $5 gift certificate to Rusty Canvas, although I am not sure I will use it. They have some neat things, but right now, I am trying to minimize buying anything I won't use (that also means I am going to pause and cancel a lot of these subscriptions). Since I didn't see anything I would use that's cheaper on the site, I will hang on to it and maybe use it after we move.

Additionally, there was a card from Paper Plain Designs, a mobile piece from The Milk Collective (I don't have children but it was cute), some stickers from Crafty Planner Addict, a cute button from Lumpy Buttons, clothespin clips from Earth Cookie Creations, and a knitted dish sponge from The Loophole.

Finally, there was lip balm from Holly Beeez, and lip balm always wins. :) Plus it was in Watermelon Crush and that's just what I need heading into the summer!

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